Mum’s Day!

Friends, Fans, & Followers:

Lucky for me, I have cute dimples.  How else can I
explain dear old Mum’s restraint when as a supercilious teenager (an uncomfortably
long time ago, I admit) I had the temerity to ask her why there was such a
thing as Mother’s Day when there was no corresponding holiday for Sons? 
At the time, she smiled sweetly at me (or at least as sweetly as one can when
spitting venom through clenched teeth while reaching for a rolling pin) and
reminded me that every other day is “Son’s Day”.  Narrowly escaping a
thrashing as I did, I’ve made it a point since to be as well prepared as I
possibly can be every second Sunday in May, and to be as helpful as possible to
all the sons, daughters, and  husbands out there in need of a bit of a
reminder on how best to be thoughtful.

Which is why, this year, in preparation for May 9th
(that’s right, Mother’s Day is a week away!) I’ve introduced over thirty-two
unique floral creations that can be purchased and delivered anywhere in
Manhattan as a one-time-gift.    And for those that want to
remind the Mums in their life of their affection as often as possible, I’ve
created limited term subscriptions to all of my floral subscription
collections, ranging from the Classics to Exotic Varietals to timelessly
stylish Orchids.  Best yet, you can now purchase subscriptions for 1
month, 3 months, for the half-year and even for a full-year.  (You must
admit, these ideas are vastly better than gifting Mum a toaster oven!). 

So, there you have it… only a week to go, and H.BLOOM to
the rescue.  I’ve set aside the freshest of blooms, filled the inkpots to
commit your heartfelt thoughts to my exquisite linen greeting cards, and have
advised my own Mum that I might be a bit late to lunch given the deliveries
I’ve already committed to on Sunday morning.

Don’t forget from whence you came!

New Subscription Lines + One-Time Gifts

Friends, Fans, & Followers:

Back in my primary school days, I admit that I wasn’t
anything to boast about at the Parent Teacher Association.  Thankfully, my
dear old Mum, when acknowledging that I mightn’t be the swiftest of the
kinder-lot on the first go-around, was always quick to point out that I was
sure to grow into a professional at catching-up.  So, for all of you Type-A’s
that have been eagerly awaiting the day when I live up to my potential, I hope
I’ve met your expectations with my newest additions:  more subscription
lines and the ability to send one-time gifts. 

First, straight from the “Variety’s The Spice of Life”
Department, I’ve announced the addition of 4 new subscriptions in addition to
the Classic Collection that you’ve already enjoyed.

Submerged Orchid Collection:  On your first week,
you’ll receive a tall cylindrical vase with a lush cymbidium orchid stem (and
each stem will have between nine and twelve fantastically exuberant
blooms).  Start with the stem in the tall vase, and then add water until
you’ve expertly crafted a fascinating orchid aquarium, easily displayed and
easily maintained in your own home.  In subsequent deliveries, you’ll
receive a freshly cut stem in cushioned packaging, with your orchid colors
changing regularly from pink, to white, to green and beyond as the market will

Encapsulated Orchid Collection:  To start, you’ll
receive an elegant double-pane rectangular vase, into which I’ll regularly drop
four to five dendrobium orchid stems, creating a tableau to dress up any space
screaming for a bit of modernity.

Exotic Varietal Collection:  For those who love simple
hand-tied bundles, I’ve more in store for you.  With each delivery, you’ll
receive a cluster of exotic, rare or highly seasonal blooms sourced from
premier growers the world-over.  One week you may receive scarlet
anemones, thickly-layered ranunculus another, and bobble-headed cotton-bally
green tricks the next.  The Jones’ will never be able to keep up with you.

Orchid Plant Collection:  Every month, in whatever
quantity you desire, I’ll deliver a fresh orchid plant in a contemporary cubic
glass planter.  As you may already know, even without any fancy dressing,
orchids make an instant style statement.

Just as before, you can start these subscriptions for
yourself or as gifts for someone that ought to be thinking about you regularly.

Second, I readily admit that not all situations call for
weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly reminders of your affection, thanks, or
contrition.  On some occasions, you’ve just the one chance to make a
lasting impression.  Give it a bit of thought, eh?! Do you think Gatsby
served common bootleg swill at his bashes?  Do you think Whitman wrote
with a common drugstore ballpoint?  Do you think Churchill, while staring
down the Axis, rolled his own?  I think, most certainly not!  Quite
to the contrary – a special occasion calls for specialty – and I’m pleased to
say that in this regard, I’ve developed quite a reputation.

Now, on,
when that particular occasion arises, you can pick an exquisite floral gift
from either my Modern or Classic collections, with nary a teddy bear nor shiny
silver balloon in sight.  Once you’ve made your selection, my team of
floral designers will seek out vases of the finest materials and shall order
blooms basically just-born, to ensure that your gift recipient is positively
delighted.  On the day of your choosing, and with a message of your own
crafting, I’ll deliver your gift to your intended recipient’s door-step. 
And while I’ve initially limited my rounds to Manhattan, you’ll shortly be able
to send an exquisite floral gift to your friends, relatives, and associates in
any city worth visiting. 

Of course, they say it takes a village… so if you think I’ve
not yet lived up to my potential, please let me know what else you’d like to
see forthcoming from my workshop by emailing me at

In the meantime, even more flowers to the people!

Very best regards,

This Week’s Bundle: 4/22/2010

Friends, Fans, & Followers:

All things considered, I’m not much for ceremony, pomp, and circumstance.  But, today is a special day and this week has been quite an interesting week as well.  For starters, today is Earth Day (as if you hadn’t already realized it from your witty Dilbert Calendars and those MS Outlook reminders that you surely set weeks ago).  And to boot, while Mother Earth has had some indigestion of late (read:  Icelandic Sub-Glacial Volcano.  Spewing Gobs and Gobs of Filthy Ash.  Obscuring the Skies Over Northern Europe.  Causing General Mayhem and Much Wailing and Gnashing Of Teeth Amongst Stranded Travelers.  Etc., etc…) she’s been very kind to our global network of global flower growers and to us.  So, we’ve nothing to complain about – and that, my friends, is something to celebrate heartily. 

In this week’s bundle, you’ll find roses, lisianthus, and chrysanthemums.  Let’s start with a bit of a chat about the roses, shall we?  Today’s variety of pink rose has a rather odd name, “Sweet Akito”, which sounds a touch doggish, doesn’t it?  Makes me think of doggish themes:  scruffy, mangy, belligerent!  Quite to the contrary, Sweet Akitos feature soft and delicate pink petals, with a large head and relatively high petal count.  Given that they were picked from their patch just a day ago, you may find that they’ve arrived in bud form.  Over the next few days, with a modicum of care and feeding, your Sweet Akitos will open up to reveal fluffy cotton-candy-ish pink petals. 

To add a dash of contrast, I’ve added in lavender-purply lisianthus flowers from Israel.  Back in my cavorting days, they used to say that Beirut was the Paris of the Middle East, but with lisianthus like this, I’ve no trouble handing the title over to Tel Aviv.  Of course, to the untrained eye, lisianthus flowers can sometimes be taken for a rose, but the botanists will stuffily tell you that, scientifically speaking, they’re not even distant cousins.   And while these flowers look prim and proper, you’ll notice that they are both a bit stubborn and unruly, which I think gives them character.  Unruly because lisianthus buds grow laterally at different heights, adding a bit of hither and thither to the bundle.  And, stubborn, because some of the buds may choose to open while others will stay small and green.   

Finally, to round out my celebration trifecta, I’ve interspersed your bundle with dense lavender chrysanthemums.  Chrysanthemums of the general sort have been around for ages.  Literally ages; the first known cultivation was by an artistic Chinaman in the 15th Century BC.  They were such a hit that the ancient area from which they originated, initially called Xiaolan Town of Zhongsan City was named Ju-Zian to mean “Chrysanthemum City”.  For today’s bundle I selected the “cushion” variety which bloom into thick and fluffy bean-baggy blossoms.

If today is your first delivery, you’ll notice that your bundle has arrived in a cellophane water reservoir and with a cylindrical vase.  Unwrap your bundle over a sink so you don’t make a mess, then simply drop your bundle in your vase, add water, and enjoy.  If today is your second delivery, just give last week’s vase a proper rinse, pop in your bundle, and fill it with fresh water.  Done and done!

As always, if you have any questions, concerns or feedback, send me an email at

Right then, I’m off to celebrate.

Gift Subscriptions

Friends & Fans –

Who says that New Yorkers aren’t the friendly sort?  Judging from the reception that our website has received, I’d say New Yorkers are just about the friendliest sort around.  Many thanks – to each and every one of you – for your warm reception.  Of course, thanks especially to the great many of you that have already signed up for subscriptions.  But thanks just as well to those of you website strollers that have signed on, had a look around, and dangled your mouse pointer ever so tantalizingly over the ‘Start Subscription Now’ button!  I’m eager to please you all, and if for any reason you’ve not been delighted with what you’ve seen on my site and/or what you’2012-04-24 17:37:59′ve received at home or at your office, please let me know at

My dear old Mum once said that if one is going to hear, one might as well listen as well.  So, I’d be remiss if I didn’t act quickly on all the requests I’ve received to enable you to send subscriptions as gifts.  Here’s an expurgated selection of the gifting questions that I’ve received:

“My wife, dear sweet mother of my children and expert ironer of my shirts; how can I remind her that even when I’m in Vegas, I’m thinking of her?  Can I give a gift subscription to my wife?” 
     — The 47-Year Old Man-Child.

“I’ve got more toaster ovens and crystal fruit bowls than I know what to do with.  Instead of signing up for more, can I add an H.BLOOM subscription to my wedding registry? 
     – The Princess Bride.

“She’s insisting on this we’re-not-finding-out-the-sex-of-the-baby thing.  How am I going to know whether to buy blue onesies or pink onesies if she won’t tell us if it’s a boy or a girl?  Can I give her a flower subscription as a baby shower gift?  What about at her bridal shower?”  
     — The Princess Bride’s Says-What’s-On-Her-Mind Best Friend.

“Teacher Appreciation Day is coming up.  Can my kids band together with other students to send their teacher a gift subscription?” 
     – The Hovering Helicopter Mom.

“I’ll be traveling for the next few weeks… can I send next week’s delivery bouquet to my neighbor as a thank you for looking after my cats?”  
     — The Courteous Cat Lady.

“I’m a realtor and just sold a gorgeous Upper East Side apartment to one of my long-time clients.  OK, I admit that calling that shoebox “charming” was a stretch.  But, if you crane your neck just so, you really can see the river.  Can I send a gift subscription to show her over and over how much I appreciate her business?”  
     — The Savvy Real-Estate Broker.

Apparently, you New Yorkers have much love to share, much to thank others for, and equally as much to apologize for.  The answer, friends and fans, is now a resounding “YES YOU CAN!”.  My development team worked tirelessly to add the requested functionality and, as of last night, H.BLOOM can now be given as a gift subscription for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or for a full year.
So gift away and keep the feedback coming!

Your First Delivery

Friends, Fans & Followers –

By now, many of you have received your first delivery, a
vibrant bundle from my Lollipop line of hand-tied bouquets.  And,
hopefully, you’ve tossed the enclosed instructions aside, placed your bundle in
the included vase, and given your stems a chance to have a good long
drink.  I suspect you found the experience as I intended it – easy, fresh,
and delightful!  If not, please let me know by emailing me at

One excited subscriber (he shall go nameless lest it affect
his chances of making the desired impression on requested a bit of
background on today’s delivery (no doubt, to satiate his incredible hunger for
botanical knowledge… and perhaps to impress his “house-guests”).  So,
first let me tell you a bit about my inspiration for The Lollipop.  In
short, I think The Lollipop is about liking things that seem in contrast, but
in reality are meant to go together.  For example, that pungent smell is
what makes the sharp cheese taste sharper.  Sounds a bit odd, but I live
for a strong juxtaposition!  When it comes to flowers, take this week’s
centerpiece:  the bicolor Cherry Brandy rose from Ecuador.  On first
thought, you mightn’t think that orange and red were made for each other but if
you’ll allow me to take you back to primary school arts & crafts, you will
recall that orange and red are adjacent to one another on the color wheel,
which makes them quite complementary!  In other words, orange is good, and
red is good, and so is pinkish-red.  But, together, they make for a
dynamite combination that puts everyone – even the surliest of chaps – in a
brighter and more cheery mood. 

Then, I’ve gone and added in mini calla lilies to add a bit
of dimension and extra flavor.  And while this isn’t necessarily a
“Magician-Unveils-His-Tricks-Of-The-Trade” tell-all, you should know that calla
lilies are neither calla nor lily.  In a bit of botanical bravado, a
famous Swedish botanist named Carolus Linnaeus lumped all like flowering plants
together in one Genus.  Then, in a dramatic display of botanical
one-upmanship (yes, botanists are feistier than you might think), an Italian chap
named Giovanni Zantedeschi proved that calla lilies are distinct enough to
warrant their own classification, Zantedeschia Aethiopica (selfless fellow
indeed; he offered up his name!).  In any case, so why should you
care?  Because these mini calla lilies come in a fantastic array of colors
and tend to be brighter and longer-lasting than full-size callas.

And finally, I’ve added electric hot pink spray roses fresh
from Colombia to provide a bit of “zinnggg!” (that’s a, ahem, botanical term)
to this lusciously rich bouquet.  Spray roses are like the boisterous
younger siblings of the full size variety that you may be more used to. 
While they’ve smaller heads, they tend be to very precocious with up to five
blooms per single stem.  Most varieties, including the ones in your
bouquet, open up big and wide when they’ve bloomed, which they should do
shortly.  You’ll see, spray roses like to put on a production!

Now, to ensure the freshest flowers possible, I had your
stems cut at the farm earlier this week.  Because Mother Nature deals in
trade-offs, your stems may have arrived in “bud form”, meaning that they still
may be closed and a bit greenish on the outside.  But, trust!  With a bit
of attention, your flowers will open and your bouquet will turn steadily from
mostly peach-greenish to a vibrant (hence “zinngg!”) hot pink!

Right then, botany schmotany!  Let’s get on with
it.  Your bundle will look its best when at the center of attention. 
I think you’ll find your bundle to be perfect for a dining room table, on the coffee
tables next to those expensive books you bought just for show, or on a console
table in your entryway to remind you that you’ve arrived at home and not some
impersonal hotel.  To ensure that your flowers last as long as possible,
change the water every two days.  Of course, if the water becomes a bit
cloudy, or if you notice debris floating in it, it wouldn’t hurt to change the
water out a bit sooner now would it?

One last thing, do us a favor will you?  When asked,
tell your friends “you’ve got a guy” in the flower business.


The Lollipop

Who doesn’t want a treat?  Just in time for the summer-like weather, I’m delivering the first bags of lollipops to H.BLOOM customers next week.

Lollipops: colorful; round; luscious; bright spheres of goodness sitting on top of a thin cylindrical shape.  Fun.   Great anytime, anywhere.

The Lollipop is H.BLOOM’s first line of easy-to-enjoy fantastic flowers.  The Lollipop is a vibrant mixed bouquet, hand-tied, and perfectly sized for the 5×5 glass cylindrical vase that we’ll provide with your first delivery.  It will look great on the dining room table, coffee table in the living room, on an entry-way console, or by your bed (it’s also great as a gift!).  The Lollipop will immediately brighten up the room: deep purple anemones, bright orange ranunculus, pretty pink peonies.

I make it easy to enjoy flowers.  For your first delivery, I’ll deliver an extraordinary hand-tied, mixed bundle, along with the vase.  All you have to do is add some water.  It will look like you spent a fortune on flowers at a high-end boutique!  In each subsequent week, I’ll deliver a new mixed bundle, already cut to fit perfectly in that same vase.
And the best part, it’s only $35/bundle, including delivery and the vase!  There’s no long-term commitment either.  Sign up.  Enjoy for as long as you like.  Cancel any time.

Welcome to H.BLOOM!

Ladies & Gents, please allow me a few words of introduction…


I like flowers.  I like them at home.  I like them in the office.  I like them in the room when I stay at a hotel and on the table when I go to a restaurant.

But, I wasn’t satisfied with the options to buy them.  I didn’t like schlepping down to the deli, only to choose between pink carnations and a bundle teeming with baby’s breath.  I didn’t like trying to arrange them myself, in a vase that inevitably seemed too big or too small, only to have them die the next day because they had been sitting outside at the corner store for a week before I bought them.  I looked online, but carnations with teddy bears and mylar balloons?  Not my style.

Introducing H.BLOOM (  I want to make it easy for you to enjoy extraordinary flowers.  I’ll pick the best of what’s in season, arrange them in a gorgeous bundle perfectly sized for a vase that we give you, and then I’ll have them delivered right to your door.  And, I’ll do it at an unbelievable price.

I’m excited to launch our service here in New York City.  I want you to be totally thrilled with my product and service.  If you’re not, let me know.  I’ll make it right.

I’ll be back online over the coming days and weeks to tell you more about my products, services and vision for making it easy to enjoy extraordinary flowers, anywhere  you want, as often as you like.  In the meantime, if you have any questions or suggestions, email me at