Introducing H.Bloom Plant Gifts!

This week we’re excited to announce the launch of our plant gifts!  Perfect for any occasion, or just-because, our plants will bring weeks of enjoyment and beauty into your home or office. With a mix of traditional flowering plants and more exotic species, there is a plant for every personality, no green thumb required.  We’ve chosen a range of plants that are well-suited for an urban life.  With a watering once or twice a week, your plant is good to go!  And no worries about water leaks onto your window sill or desk – each of our plants are potted in a closed vase with self-contained interior drainage.  Shop the complete collection below.

Weekly Collection Inspiration: Chicago Speakeasy

This week’s subcription bouquet designs are inspired by our third H.Bloom market, Chicago, and the speakeasies of 20’s era prohibition. A tribute to our lead Chicago designers, both of whom have backgrounds in theater (and one of whom runs a nightly cabaret), our bouquets feature two color palettes – one a vaudevillian celebration of oranges and reds, the other a slinky, secretive palette of purples and greens.

This Classic Collection bouquet features lavender roses, ageratum, green trick and purple iris.  In shades of deepening purples, this bouquet represents the secrecy and underground nature of the speakeasy culture.  Within the deepest recesses of the dark purple iris, a glimpse of bright yellow that hints at a celebration within.

Featuring radio orange calendula, orange hypericum and cherry brandy roses, this Classic Collection bouquet is full of varietals signifying joy and passion, a celebration of the vibrant nightlife and flashy vaudeville productions of the 20s.

A chic statement piece, this Contemporary Collection bouquet features dianthus green trick, a new varietal that was recently introduced to the floral market.  A variety of carnation, this unique specimen often serves as a supporting piece in our weekly arrangements.  This week we chose to make it the hero, highlighting it’s repetitive rounded shapes that reminded our designers of the wavy hairstyles of the 20s.

This Contemporary Collection bouquet features a flashy grouping of cherry brandy roses, accented by three striking anthurium flowers. Chosen for their waxy, fire-red color, anthurium symbolize desire, enthusiasm and passion.

A design inspired by the 20s flapper, this Exotic Collection bouquet features vanda orchids, representing femininity and mystery, blue agapanthus, the flower of love, and wispy tree fern, mimicking the fringe of a flapper’s dress.

A riotous explosion of energy and color, this Exotic Collection bouquet features radio orange calendula, red amaranthus, orange anthurium and foxtail fern.  Meant to invoke the flashing lights and vibrant costumes of a cabaret, each of the varietals were chosen for their vibrant color and varied, complementary textures.


This week’s Arrange Your Own collection features lavender roses, red amaranthus, purple gladiolus, purple iris and anthurium foliage.  Stay tuned to the blog on Monday for Hannah’s detailed video tutorial.

Weekly Collection Inspiration: DC Victory Garden

This week’s subcription bouquet designs are inspired by our second H.Bloom market, Washington, DC. With election season right around the corner, patriotism is top of mind now more than ever, and this week we harken back to the Victory Gardens of World War II. A crisp, verdant palette of greens, yellows, oranges and blues – featuring fresh picked varietals like baby artichoke and white dutch kale.

This Classic Collection bouquet features garden-fresh baby artichokes, combined with cheery yellow roses, green hypericum berries and cream stock.  In a traditional style with all the varietals evenly distributed throughout the bouquet, this design calls to mind themes of bounty and abundance.

This Classic Collection design is our most garden-centric bouquet, featuring dutch white kale – a flowering kale variety with vibrant green coloration. This lush vegetable combined with fresh green roses provides the perfect base for our delicate blue cornflower.

A chic Contemporary Collection design, this bouquet features cream stock and yellow roses – one of the newer rose varietals.  Wild yellow roses were discovered in the early 18th Century in the Middle East and were cultivated over the years, with gardeners selecting for qualities that represent the yellow roses we experience today.  Interestingly, the first yellow roses did not have a pleasing scent, gardeners had to selectively breed them to manifest the pleasing “rose” scent possessed by other varietals.

Another grouped design, this Contemporary Collection bouquet features orange roses, orange mokara orchids , foxtail fern and looped bear grass. Meant to evoke the warmth of the sun over a garden, this bouquet features a radiant grouping of roses at the base and “rays” of mokara, shining over a lush background of greenery.

An Exotic Collection design, this bouquet was created to be a more untamed version of it’s Classic Collection partner.  A lush base of green mist laceflower and mini green artichoke, topped by a spray of mokara orchids and foxtail fern evokes the feeling of a garden overgrown.

This Exotic Collection design features varietals that are rarely seen in floral design, and perhaps never before utilized together – white dutch kale, green burana dendrobium orchids and blue cornflower.  Cornflower was chosen for it’s dual meanings – of “daily bread” in Estonia and as a symbol for veterans in France.

This week’s Arrange Your Own collection features white dutch kale, orange mokara orchids, yellow roses, baby green artichoke, green mist laceflower and bear grass.  Stay tuned to the blog on Monday for Hannah’s detailed video tutorial.

Weekly Collection Inspiration: Turn of the Century Tattoos

This week’s subscription bouquet designs were inspired by “Turn of the Century Tattoos” – a time when the art of tattoo held the allure of the exotic, the illicit and the occult.  A merging of Eastern and Western cultures, a nostalgia for the golden age of the merchant sailor.  With a palette of deep reds and purples accented by soft, fresh highlights of celery green and peach, our designers set out to create a collection of edgy, yet refined bouquets.

This Classic Collection bouquet was inspired by the signature rose tattoo.  A celebration of reds, including freedom roses, echinacea and red bouvardia along with sleek cocculus greenery.  The designers inserted a subtle, edgy feel into this bouquet by removing the lavender petals of the echinacea, leaving the spiky orange centers as a focal point of texture.

This Classic Collection design features a more feminine palette of peach roses, white aster matsumoto, orange gomphrenia and pittosporum greenery – a nod to the more muted palettes in some vintage tattoos.

Featuring peach roses, echinacea and orange gomphrenia, this chic, grouped design is set off by a wild collar of coontie greenery.  An homage to the secretive nature of tattooing in the early 1900′s, this bouquet provides a chic contrast between purity and the taboo.

This Contemporary Collection bouquet features pale green roses, blue anemone and black ti.  Inspired by the visual style of Asian tattoo, this bouquet takes a serene and flowing shape, featuring a the broad-petaled bloom of the rare and delicate blue anemone, a flower thought to bring luck and protect against evil.

A bright and intense bouquet, this Exotic Collection design features red pincushions, green trachelium and orange gomphrenia, accented by variegated aspidistra folds and a flourish of coontie greenery.  The light green center of the red pincushion is echoed in the green stripes of the variegated aspidistra, bringing the multi-varietal design together in a harmonious way.

Inspired by the nautical heritage of tattoos, this bouquet featuring purple trachelium, blue anemone, mini purple phalaenopsis orchids and black ti, mimics the rise and fall of the ocean.  Its royal palette of deep purples connects directly with the Victorian associations of orchids with luxury and opulence.

This week’s Arrange Your Own collection features freedom roses, echinacea, aster matsumoto, orange gomphrenia, green pittosporum and aspidistra.  Stay tuned to the blog on Monday for Hannah’s detailed video tutorial.

Weekly Collection Inspiration: August 6

This week’s subcription bouquet designs are inspired by a camping trip with friends – a carefree Summer escape in the freedom of the great outdoors.  An entire day spent outside in the sun, and a night spend around a crackling campfire.  A palette of oranges and dusty pinks set off by fresh greens and unique, outdoorsy accents.

View our complete collection of subscription bouquets below the fold.


Ophelia Chong: Floral Collage in Slips of Paper


This week, as part of our “Painterly Aspect” inspiration, we’re highlighting artists we love that feature floral themes prominently in their work.

The first in this series is Ophelia Chong, an artist based in Los Angeles who creates stunning textural collages out of what she calls “slips of paper”.  Using petal-shaped cut outs with a variety of harmonious colors, patterns and textures, she creates organically flowing collages, often centered around an appropriated focal image.


Das Rheingold

Notebook Collage