Weekly Collection Inspiration: Frida Kahlo

This week’s subscription collection inspiration is the life and work of Frida Kahlo – a vibrant celebration of exotic floral with a distinctly Mexican, painterly flair.  Both highly modern and highly feminine.  Lush, textured varietals in arresting, surreal compositions.  Rich, painterly palettes of oranges, reds, fuchsias and purples.

A stunning Classic Collection bouquet, this design features hot pink roses, hot pink spray roses and bright purple carnations.  With its luxe, feminine feel, this bouquet is a direct nod to the floral wreath Frida Kahlo often wore in her hair.  For more floral headwear ideas stay tuned to the blog this week for our DIY floral head wreath tutorial.
A perfectly balanced bouquet of harvest-toned varietals, this Classic Collection design features freedom roses, orange ranunculus, orange lilies and red rose hips, accented with cocculus greenery.  Rose hips, the fruit of the rose plant that is left when the petals have fallen away, contain 20 times the Vitamin C of citrus fruits.  An appropriate accent for such a vibrantly orange bouquet!
A hallmark of our Contemporary Collection designs, this arrangement features three clean groups of varietals, including lavender roses, blue agapanthus and dendroboum orchids.  A subtle accent, the red cordyline leaves provide a monochromatic background for the plum-colored dendrobium orchids, creating three large groups of color and texture for the viewer to enjoy.
A contrast between textured energy and order, this Contemporary Collection design features orange roses, rose hips and orange mokara, accented by loops of lily grass.  Often when our designers choose to feature two highly textured varietals, they pair flowers that share elements in common.  In this case, the star-shaped pods of rose hips echo the star-shaped petals of the mokara orchids, set against a soft base of lush orange roses.   The grouped composition and monochromatic palette allow the entire arrangement to achieve a pleasant harmony and balance.
A sophisticated, painterly bouquet, this Exotic Collection design features flowers with very special meaning.  Hot pink roses (and all hot pink flowers) stand for thankfulness, appreciation and gratitude.  Combine that message with blue agapanthus (the flower of love) and anthurium, a flower that has come to represent hospitality, and you have the perfect gift for any hostess.
A wild and energizing design, this Exotic Collection bouquet features orange roses, red celosia, rose hips and orange mokara orchids.  Celosia dries particularly well, so after you enjoy the flower in your arrangement, you can take it out and hang it upside down to dry.  Once dried it makes an excellent brightly colored accent for Fall entertaining, perhaps as a place card holder for a Thanksgiving table.
This week our Arrange Your Own collection features lavender roses, blue agapanthus, dark purple carnations, lily grass, mini monstera greenery and aspidistra.  Join our New York City designer, Hannah D’Ottavio, every Monday here on the blog as she gives a detailed tutorial on how to work with this week’s flowers.
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Featured Designer: Haewon Song

Haewon Song, a member of the H.Bloom team since January 2012, led H.Bloom’s West Coast expansion when she moved across the country from New York City to San Francisco to open our first California studio.

Since opening the San Francisco design studio in January, she has created works for a wide range of clients, including The Mandarin Oriental, Loro Piana, Bottega Veneta, Yammer, Landor, 25 Lusk and Tiffany & Co.

Haewon has an amazing ability to adapt to the various aesthetic needs of our San Francisco clients, and whether in a traditional, exotic or modern style, her arrangements always have a highly considered, sophisticated feel.

To get a better idea of how her designs are brought to life, Haewon recently gave us a peek inside her day.


Weekly Collection Inspiration: Desert Rose

This week’s subscription collections are designed around the concept of a Desert Rose – a bloom amidst the dust of a stampede, the vibrantly colored patterns of Native American textiles, a contrast between delicate and hardy – the lush petals of a cactus plant set against its sharp spines.  This week choose your design from two palettes – one of burnt sienna , the other of golden ochre and pale green.



This Classic Collection bouquet features bright yellow roses and yarrow.  A stark contrast in symbolism, our designers set the “yellow rose of Texas” against the more sinister-sounding “Devil’s Nettle”.  Against the textured trachelium greenery, the lush yellow rose petals seem to almost shine.
$35 per week

With a striking palette of cherry brandy roses, red hypericum berries and yellow freesia, this Classic Collection bouquet is filled with varietals that represent the many aspects of friendship.  From the freesias, which symbolize sweetness, faithfulness and trust to the hypericum berries that represent protection and clarity, this fragrant bouquet is full of kindly meaning.
$35 per week

A chic bouquet of yellow pincushions and yarrow, this Contemporary Collection design is a study in tone-on-tone texture.  Our designers chose pincushions for the way its spines sit so delicately against the wide, textured base of yarrow florets.  Adding a modern feel, looped lily grasses accentuate the rear of the bouquet, along with a spray of springeri fern.
$48 per week

This Contemporary Collection design features a high-contrast pairing of cherry brandy roses and mini green hydrangea, accentuated by delicate blooms of Peruvian lilies and a spray of honey bracelet greenery.  To bring a harmony to the opponent color palette, our designers chose varietals that had similar leaf shapes, so that when they were placed in a bouquet, the greenery would create a unifying radial effect.
$48 per week

A fresh, crisp bouquet, this Exotic Collection design features green cymbidium orchids, yellow pincushions, green trachelium, lily grass and springeri fern.  Continuing our design element of soft against “sharp”, the lush petals of the cymbidiums sit gently against the spines of the pincushions.
$65 per week

This Exotic Collection arrangement features cherry brandy roses, lotus pods and mango calla lilies.  The unique lotus pods are a non-spiny cactus look-alike that provide the perfect foil to the rare, velvety mango callas.
$65 per week

H.Bloom designer, Hannah D’Ottavio, gives a detailed tutorial on how to work with the flowers in H.Bloom’s $29 Arrange Your Own collection. Varietals in the September 24 collection include cherry brandy roses, mini green hydrangea, orange alstroemeria, scabiosa pods and tree fern.
$29 per week

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Weekly Collection Inspiration: Prairie Homestead


This week’s collections are inspired by our fifth, soon-to-be-announced H.Bloom market. Our designers imagined a Prairie Homestead – a world of vast plains and rolling hills, a lavish party after a hard day’s work, a wide open sky filled with sunlit clouds. Subscribers can choose their design from two palettes: one celebrating daylight colors of oranges, yellows and dark reds; the other drawn from dusky twilight hues of purple, blue and pale yellow.

This Classic Collection bouquet was inspired by the prairie landscape at dusk.  A deep, cool palette of purple trachelium and blue sea holly (also known as eryngium), creates a perfect foil to the light pops of pale cream roses.  Created in the classic French hand-tied style, all the varietals are given equal prominence throughout the bouquet, creating a design that is suitable for placement anywhere in your home.
$35 per week


A perfect prairie palette, this Classic Collection design features Kahlua roses, peach spray roses, peach hypericum and peach lilies.  We deliver your bouquet at the height of its freshness, so when your lilies arrive they may be tightly closed.  You can expect for them to open within the first 2-3 days.  If you’re entertaining and would like for the lilies to be open when your guests arrive, you can place your bouquet in warm (not hot) water for an hour or so.
$35 per week

This Contemporary Collection bouquet was designed to resemble the first emergence of the stars over the prairie at dusk.  It features purple mokara orchids, blue sea holly and milky way aspidistra.  One of our favorite varietals of aspidistra, milky way aspidistra features cream-colored spots all across its deep green leaves, a stunning pattern that adds texture to the architectural greenery of this bouquet.
$48 per week

This Contemporary Collection bouquet features Kahlua roses, banksia blooms, banksia greenery  and foxtail fern.  A rare varietal, banksia is not commonly seen in bouquets for the home, but since it fit perfectly into our prairie theme, we couldn’t resist including it in this week’s designs.  Both the blooms and the greenery will last for quite some time and dry beautifully, so when your roses are past their prime, you can create a new arrangement from the banksia and enjoy your bouquet for weeks to come.
$48 per week

One of our most popular Exotic Collection bouquets with the designers, this arrangement features echevaria succulents, purple mokara orchids, blue sea holly, milky way aspidistra and lily grass.  A delicate and textured bouquet, the design language is centered around the shape of a starburst, featuring prominently in the radial petals of the succulents and echoed in the fringed leaves of the sea holly.  Against the starry leaves of the milky way aspidistra, these two varietals create a heavenly green base for the luxe purple blooms of the mokara orchids.
$65 per week

Each week our designers create an arrangement that appeals to a more masculine sensibility, and this Exotic Collection bouquet with its banksia blooms, safari sunset leucadendron, scabiosa pods, banksia greenery and foxtail fern, is the perfect example.  In both its darker palette and uniquely textured varietals, this bouquet is an homage to the masculine side of floral design.
$65 per week


H.Bloom designer, Hannah D’Ottavio, gives a detailed tutorial on how to work with the flowers in H.Bloom’s Arrange Your Own collection.  Varietals in the September 17 collection include kahlua roses, safari sunset leucadendron, peach hypericum berries, scabiosa pods and foxtail fern.
$29 per week


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Weekly Collection Inspiration: New Frontiers

This week’s subscription collections are inspired by New Frontiers – the exhilarating feeling of limitless possibility that surrounds the start of a new adventure.  At H.Bloom we’ve enjoyed such incredible growth over the past two and a half years and have had the chance to experience the true joy of bringing happiness to our subscribers in New York City, Washington DC, Chicago and San Francisco every day.  Now we find ourselves at the edge of a new frontier.  In the very near future it will be time for us to share our living art with subscribers in a new city. Stay tuned to the blog and our Facebook page over the next few weeks to learn more.


This Classic Collection bouquet features High and Magic roses, yellow spray roses, orange hypericum and green pittosporum.  The epitome of a cheerful, celebratory arrangement, this design beautifully displays the spiraling structure of our French hand-tied style.  When this arrangement is made, our designers place a trio of flowers at the center, then spin the arrangement in their hand as they add blooms around the central grouping.  This gives the bouquet a lush, evenly distributed construction, perfect for a central location in your home like a coffee table.

A more organically-shaped bouquet, this Classic Collection design features salmon roses, pink aster matsumoto, godetia roses and salal greenery.  Our designers included godetia roses as a nod to our weekly theme.  Godetia roses are also known as Clarkia, a common name given to the flower in honor of William Clark of the Lewis and Clark expeditions.

This Contemporary Collection bouquet was designed to feature one of our more unique varietals, safflower.  When you receive this bouquet, your safflower may be tightly closed, and your arrangement will have a fresh green focal area surrounded by a bright spray of orange mokara orchids.  However, over the course of the next few days the safflower pods will burst open, releasing a frilly spray of petals from the center of each pod, transforming your bouquet from deep green into a vibrant orange.

A highly stylized design, this Contemporary Collection bouquet features a main grouping of salmon roses, surrounded by an organic arc of green anthurium.   Anthurium, with their unique spade-like shape and wide, flexible blooms are perfect for creating shapes within a design.  With accents of mini monstera greenery, this bouquet strikes a perfect balance between chic simplicity and exotic allure.

A sophisticated palette of greens and oranges ties the many varietals in this Exotic Collection bouquet together.  The base of safflower will begin as a deep green and gradually transform with bright bursts of orange as the petals begin to emerge.  To complement the different stages of the blooming safflower, our designers included the speckled orange of the mokara orchids and the deep green and orange petals of the safari sunset leucadendron.

A study in greens, this Exotic Collection bouquet features four stunning anthurium dancing across a field of green trick with whimsical accents of white dutch veronica.  Our designers created dynamic lines within this design by emphasizing the wide, veined blooms and large stamens of the anthurium.  Then they used white dutch veronica, a varietal with a similar scale and shape to the anthurium stamens, to extend the playful lines with an added bit of texture.

H.Bloom designer, Hannah D’Ottavio, gives a detailed tutorial on how to work with the flowers in H.Bloom’s $29 Arrange Your Own collection.  Varietals in the September 10 collection include salmon roses, pink aster matsumoto, orange safflower, safari sunset leucadendron and flexi grass.

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