Weekly Collection Inspiration: Season’s End

With Thanksgiving past and December not yet arrived, one last week of autumn color awaits. This week’s collection focuses on a palette of peaches and greens and alternatively burgundies and caramels — both the soft playful hues and rich, warm tones of the season. The combination of these color palettes bridges the gap between autumn and winter through unique floral and design. Peach amaryllis, red mokara, and green hydrangea are the showcase varietals of the palette, providing the perfect medium to add bold touches to each bouquet.

Other fun varietals to take notice of this week include: peach roses, peach lilies, leonides roses, burgundy hypericum, burgundy carnations, fatsia japonica, brown cymbidium orchids, and uhlue.

Check back tomorrow to see Hannah’s latest Arrange Your Own video using several of this week’s varietals.

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Happy Thanksgiving from H.Bloom!

On this great day of amazing food and family, we would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has become a part of our floral family over the last two years. To our entire team, from our dedicated designers and drivers to our floral providers and investors, our daily success would not exist without you. Most of all, we would like to thank our extended H.Bloom family — yes, that’s you! A big thank you to all of those who support us, follow us, and subscribe to our services. It is the love of natural beauty and floral art that has brought us together, and we thank you for letting us continue to gift you with a bundle of joy, week to week.

We wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings!


Weekly Collection Inspiration: Amber Waves

This week’s subscription collection is inspired by the beautiful late autumn colors brought to life across the country on wheat fields and other fall landscapes. Bold colors and pastels come together in harmony to form the perfect accent for your Thanksgiving table.

This Classic Collection bouquet brings a softer autumnal touch to your home. Peach stock, yellow cremones, and soft yellow roses combine with naked seeded eucalyptus for pastel perfection.

The last beauties of fall blossom in this classic collection. Sunflowers, freesia, and orange roses bear amber tones as the perfect complement to the last weeks of autumn.

This whimsical contemporary piece showcases sunflowers, the epitome of fall floral. The massive grouping of asters makes a bold statement, accented by a unique spray of yellow mokara orchids.

Exotic blooms abound in this cheerful bouquet. Bright green cymbidium blooms, yellow pincushions, and accents of yellow roses form a joyful alternative to traditional dark autumnal hues.

H.Bloom designer Hannah D’Ottavio creates cheerful Thanksgiving center-pieces with this week’s Arrange Your Own varietals. This weeks floral includes sunflowers, pale yellow roses, peach stock, naked seeded eucalyptus, magnolia tips, and aspidistra.

Giving Thanks

With good food, great company, and a festive table, Thanksgiving often tops the charts as one of the best holidays of the year. With only a week left until Turkey Day, how are you planning to make your dinner special and festive? Whether it’s colorful floral pieces and seasonal potpourri or simple pumpkins and lit candles, your beautifully roasted turkey and signature dressing deserve the last perfect touch.

Rely on your personal style to bring out your favorite Thanksgiving table design. From formal to modern to country chic, there are numerous ways to incorporate local farmer’s market flowers to make your table pop. Use bright sunflowers, wheat, and cattails to set the mood for a natural fall harvest. Got a set color scheme with your table cloths and napkins? Pair them with complementary roses and soft baby’s breath for a simple yet elegant floral centerpiece.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to dress up your table, lit candles will instantly warm up any room’s atmosphere. You can add luster on a budget, and you can maximize the impact by repeating or grouping elements. Instead of one huge centerpiece, complete the look by adding pieces in glass containers. Fill them with gorgeous cranberries, dark pinecones, fresh nuts or anything that will complement the other decorative elements you have in mind. Stagger them down your table and voila! In just a few minutes, your lonely candles will becomes pieces of art.

What kinds of decorative touches will you be adding this year?


Weekly Collection Inspiration: Autumn Jewels

This week’s subscription collection is inspired by deep, dazzling jewel tones. Each lush, vibrant bouquet serves as an indulgent mid-autumn escape.

This classic collection bouquet contains a fiery collection of jewel tones. Freedom roses, red rover chrysanthemums, and safari sunset leucadendron weave together a warm autumn palette.
$35 per week

Hot pink roses and bright green spider mums bring a fresh, crisp touch to all the dark, fall tones of the season. Green trachelium adds to the fresh arrangement as a plush accent.
$35 per week

The beauty of greenery shines in this modern bouquet. Bold fatsia leaves and deep purple cotinus accentuate a grouping of cymbidium orchids and green trachelium. Simplicity in jewel tones is ultimate in a contemporary arrangement.
$48 per week


Ruby reds and emerald greens merge to form an exotic jewel toned arrangement. Antique green hydrangea with red tips is accented with dark pink cymbidium orchids, and green trachelium. A display of red ti leaves and folded aspidistra infuses excitement and structure to the piece.
$65 per week

H.Bloom designer Hannah D’Ottavio creates a display of autumn, jewel-toned floral. The November 12th Arrange Your Own collection includes red gladiolus, red panicum grass, kangaroo paw, lily grass, freedom roses, fatsia, and aspidistra.
$29 per week

Fall Floral & Foliage

As November begins, the winter chill starts to set in and we find ourselves ducking into our favorite coffee shops and restaurants to keep warm. Fortunately, along with the cold, the fall season surrounds us with some of the year’s prettiest shades of floral and foliage.

From the burnt orange hues of beautiful Dahlias and the rich color of the Aqua Red Chrysanthemums, these flowers emanate the warmth and coziness we crave in the fall. Whether in a luxurious arrangement or a simply arranged piece, the softness of  brown Scabiosa Pods and Mango Calla Lilies reminds us of home sweet home.

One of the best ways to soak up nature’s fall beauty is simply taking a walk outside. Gazing up at the sky, you may catch a glimpse of the changing reds of Photina and Burning Bush leaves or the dark maroon of Cotinus trees. Bittersweet Berries remind us of winter Holly Berries, filling us with excitement for the holiday season to come.

With only a month or so left of the season, what has caught your eye this fall?


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