Bouquets Deconstructed

DIY Floral Headpieces

Wearing a headpiece should not be reserved for your wedding day alone. A floral
headpiece can be a fun way to accent an outfit, perk up a party, or accessorize a
costume. Fresh floral headpieces smell wonderful and are an easy way to recycle
leftover flowers. At our last H.Bloom photo shoot we scavenged some of our excess
floral to create unique accessories without breaking our budget.

To create an impressive headpiece you only need a few tools: a spool of floral wire, a
pair of pruners, bobby pins, and a few fresh blooms.

1. To secure your blooms, first take a small measure of wire and pierce each stem
through its center near the junction of the stem and blossom.

2. Then pull the wire through the tiny hole until equal parts of wire are on either side of
the insertion.

3. Next carefully pull down the ends so that each section of wire is parallel to the stem.

4. Finally twist the wires around the stem’s base and you will have a secure bloom.

Note: For more woody stems that are hard to pierce, wire can be bent around a lateral at the base of the bloom and then twisted around the stem.

These wired blossoms can then be combined and wired together to create a small
grouping of blooms and greenery perfect for a statement accessory. Once the floral is
wired together, bobby pins can be secured through the wires and a small leaf can be
wrapped around any exposed ends.

Be sure to test this fun trick out with your next Arrange Your Own collection or with
flowers you find around your garden.

Bouquets Deconstructed: Summer Specimens

This week’s Summer Specimens bouquet was designed to put each of its unique varietals on display.  The bicolor circus roses mixed with fragrant hypericum berries provide a bright background for the hero of this arrangement, our orange LA lilies. These stunners will put on a show, bringing new life to your arrangement as each bloom opens.

The key varietals:

  1. orange LA lilies
  2. salal greenery
  3. bicolor circus roses
  4. peach hypericum berries

Kiss Kiss Bouquet Deconstructed

Our Kiss Kiss bouquet is a wonderful way to make a statement in your home with a combination of soft and daring colors. Featuring roses and lisianthus, this design exudes femininity in its many shades of pink. Gomphrena, bouvardia and lemon leaves add depth and texture, resulting in a finished product that is anything but conventional.

The key varietals: 1. Lemon Leaves; 2. Raspberry Gomphrena; 3. Light Pink Lisianthus; 4. Pink Bouvardia; 5. Pink Roses

Bouquets Deconstructed: Green of the Wild

Our Green of the Wild bouquet introduces a fresh variety of floral elements and greens into the home. The Exotic Collection arrangement includes a mosaic of eryngium and green roses, beautifully offset by anthurium, variegated lily grass, and emerald greens.

The key pieces: 1. Green Tea Roses, 2. Blue Eryngium, 3. Green & Pink Anthurium, 4. Emerald Greens.

Learn more about our Exotic Collection subscriptions or send Green of the Wild as gift.