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Weekly Collection Inspiration: Autumn Twilight

Crisp fall temperatures have arrived in many parts of the country, and we’re pulling on sweaters and lining up for hot cider and pumpkin spice lattes with delight. This week’s bouquets feature peach, purple, and lavender shades that mimic the autumn twilight. Featured varietals include apricot cymbidium orchids, dark purple calla lilies, peach and lavender roses, and peach hypericum berries.

Weekly Collection Inspiration: Bonfire Embers

Chilly nights under the stars with a fire roaring and marshmallows ready for toasting — what’s better than that? This week’s bouquets emulate the colors of bonfire embers, with deep orange, purple, and white varietals like orange cymbidium orchids and dahlias, purple anthurium and matsumoto asters, and white calla lilies.

Weekly Collection Inspiration: The Last Getaway

As summer begins to wind down, we’re packing our bags in preparation for one last trip away. Our bouquets embrace a soft palette of light yellow, blue, and white. Yellow beehive ginger, blue hydrangea, and white anthurium are just a few of the varietals to look out for.

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Weekly Collection Inspiration: Carnival Days

This week’s bouquets will brighten any room, with hot shades of yellow, orange, and pink inspired by our favorite amusement parks. Keep your eye out for varietals like hot pink mokara orchids and ranunculus, orange heliconia, and yellow pincushions. Other varietals to look for include yellow kangaroo paw, pink snapdragons, and orange hypericum.

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Weekly Collection Inspiration: Mango Margarita

On these hot summer days, there’s nothing quite like a cool drink to leave us feeling refreshed and reinvigorated. This week’s bouquets are inspired by summer cocktails like the mango margarita, with orange, yellow, and green varietals blended together in the perfect mix. Featured varietals include mango calla lilies, anthurium, birds of paradise, orange snapdragons, yellow mokara orchids, and green celosia.

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Weekly Collection Inspiration: Ocean Breeze

This week’s collection transports us to breezy coastal shores, with colors inspired by the blues and grays of the sea and shades of peach from seashells and sunsets. Blue ageratum and scabiosa intertwine with peach garden roses and lilies. Other varietals to look out for include apricot cymbidium orchids, dark blue delphinium, and echeveria.

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Weekly Collection Inspiration: Midsummer Haze

It seems like no matter where we go this summer, the temperatures are sky high, and no amount of ice water or ice cream can cool us off. From H.Bloom’s longstanding offices in places like NYC, Dallas, and San Francisco to our newest markets in Atlanta and soon Los Angeles, the red hot temperatures are all anyone’s talking about. These balmy temps are what inspired this week’s bouquets, with bright oranges and yellows contrasted with deep purple hues. A selection of the varietals filling our bouquets this week include orange pincushions, cymbidium orchids, and ranunculus, yellow freesia, and purple spider chrysanthemums.

We hope that wherever you are, you’re keeping cool and enjoying everything the summer has to offer!

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