Do It Yourself

Last Minute DIY Holiday Gift: Succulent Pots

With the holidays in full bloom, it’s hard to maintain originality in gifting. Especially when it’s last minute. Here we have a quick and easy tutorial for a gift that is not only super trendy right now, but easy, quick and relatively inexpensive. Yup, the succulent pot is quite the triple threat.


  •  A variety of succulents and cacti
  • Soil formulated for succulents & cacti; we used this one here
  • Terracotta pots
  • River stones
  • Wrapping & ribbon of your choice

Place a river rock at the bottom of your pot to help keep the soil in the pot.

Fill pots three quarters of the way with soil.

Remove temporary containers off of succulents and cacti and arrange in the pot.

Add more soil over the roots until filled to the top and the plants are secure.

Lightly pack down the soil on top.

We added another river rock on top for a little added focal.


To wrap, we took some plastic cellophane and cut it into squares.

Pull up over the pot and wrap the ribbon around the edge of the pot.

Secure tightly with a bow.

Finished! Incredibly easy yet beautiful and long lasting. The perfect last minute gift. Happy planting!

Arrange Your Own Flowers: July 8

H.Bloom designer, Hannah D’Ottavio, gives a detailed tutorial on how to work with the flowers in H.Bloom’s Arrange Your Own collection. Varietals in the July 8 collection include umbrella papyrus, birds of paradise, variegated lily grass, purple trachelium, dark purple carnations, and aspidistra.

Arrange Your Own Flowers: July 1

H.Bloom designer, Hannah D’Ottavio, gives a detailed tutorial on how to work with the flowers in H.Bloom’s Arrange Your Own collection. Varietals in the July 1 collection include alstroemeria red, white waxflower, blue thistle, white phlox, green pittosporum, and aspidistra.

DIY Hanging Bud Vases

Inspired by the abundance of dip-dyed and ombre DIY projects that have been popping up on our Pinterest and Bloglovin’ feeds, we were motivated to whip up our own interpretation of the trend – with a floral-focused twist, of course! These stylish bud vases are beyond chic, super simple, and budget-friendly – our version rang up under $25 for all the supplies used. Whether you need decorations for your wedding reception or just something to spruce up your living room, this basic project is a creative launchpad for countless reinterpretations!

You will need:

- Glass bud vases (we used these from Jamali Garden, but there are other shapes and sizes available as well)
- Acrylic paint in your favorite colors
- Paint brushes
- Masking or painter’s tape
- Nylon fishing wire
- Scissors
- Floral clippers
- Your choice of blooms (we chose white ranunculus)

1. Tape off the portion of the vase you want to leave unpainted. We went with asymmetrical, organic shapes.

2. Paint each vase in your choice of color acrylic paint – for the ombre effect, we picked white and two shades of gray.

3. Turn upside down to dry – another set of bud vases makes the perfect drying rack! Repeat with second coat of paint for a fully opaque look.

4. Once the paint has completely dried, carefully peel back the masking tape, taking care not to peel off the paint along with it.

5. String the fishing line through the holes in the vase to your desired length, add some blooms, and get decorating! You could hang these in your window, display them on a wallstring them in a tree, or even create your own floral chandelier. Have fun!

Spring DIY – Neons and Neutrals

The bold and unexpected pairing of punchy neon hues against sophisticated neutrals has been a prevailing trend in interior design and fashion for the past several seasons. Inspired by these lively hues, we’ve compiled a budget-friendly roundup of inspiring DIY projects to fill your weekend with color and creativity. Clockwise from top right:

Wood and neon lanyard necklaces, via Martha Stewart DIY │ Pom Pom cowl, via The Purl Bee │ Hanging Planter, via Refinery29 │Utility rope necklace, via Honestly WTF │Pallet garden, via Design Sponge │ Neon painted planter, via The Brick House │Washi tape wrapped cords, via Transitoinicial

DIY Gift Wrapping for the Holidays


Every year, one person in my family is deemed the “Present Wrap Master” — the one who wows the family with his or her crafty wrapping paper and intricate bows. Usually I’m a little late getting on my Christmas shopping and wrapping, and therefore I’m rarely named the winner. But this month I’ve prepped, shopped, and crafted away and am determined to make this year the one where I’ll earn the title. Check out these eight simple and easy ways to make your presents stand out under your tree!

(clockwise from top left)

1. Vintage Classic

This design is perfect for a holiday party gift or even for some freshly baked cookies for coworkers! Wrap your gift using simple kraft paper (which can be found at any office supplies or craft store), and accent it with a simple satin bow and fresh floral. Whether the flowers you choose are from your garden or the market, it will be a great gift on top of your gift!

2. Newsworthy Tags

Utilize all that extra newspaper you have laying around and turn it into amazing wrapping paper! Use a couple of sheets to ensure that the paper doesn’t tear, and finish off your present with simple red twine. Fashion a tag out of card stock and mark it with the initial of the giftee!

3. Clean and Simple Yarn

All you need is two seconds and a couple spools of yarn to go from a present to a work of art. Use a colorful array of yarn and tie each piece in a row to create a rainbow. Symmetry not your thing? Wrap the yarn around at random and let it cross over in different angles. Just tape the ends together to the back of the gift.

4. Trinkets and Treasures

Looking for a fun way to sparkle up your presents? Whether you are using Kraft paper,  newspaper, or wrapping paper, adding a couple layers of ribbon and trinkets on top goes a long way. Pick different sizes and colors of ribbons to create contrast within the pieces and add string of beads or feathers to finish off the packaging. Voila– the perfectly wrapped gift is ready to go!

5. Simply Stamped

Whoever thought that your pantry could supply you with the perfect wrapping for your holiday presents? Scrummage for doilies that you may have used for a holiday party in the past and glue them to a simple wrapped gift for a decorative tag. Add to the vintage aspect by using stamped letters to write the name of your recipient!

6. Arts and Crafts

If you’re looking for an arts and crafts project for your kids, grab some colorful pom poms and Elmer’s glue and craft away! Create a tree design or even glue all over as a free for all. Poms poms are always a winning art project with children, and your presents will be wrapped and decorated before you know it!

7. Chic Pine

Recycled brown kraft paper is a great anytime gift wrap. Tie with twine and embellish with a pinecone and evergreen clippings from your backyard for gift wrap that’s easy on the environment and on your wallet.

8. Read, Wrap, Recycle

Make use of your old magazines that are starting to pile up and make colorful home-made bows to be the focal point of your holiday presents this year! Check out whole living’s blog for step-by-step instructions on how to recycle and decorate at the same time.