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Spring Favorites

Now that spring is finally here to stay, it seems only natural to freshen things up a bit. With this in mind, we’ve created a little collection of items to celebrate the change of seasons and inject a bit of cheer into these drizzly April days – like a cozy floral wrap for blocking out cool breezes, a handmade planter to bring a bit of nature indoors, and a travel guide to foster those last-minute plans for an overseas escape.


Spring Favorites

On Jane Street with Shayna Kulik

Shayna Kulik incorporates thoughtful design into every facet of her life, including the beautiful West Village apartment she shares with her husband. We caught up with this art director, brand strategist and founder of Pattern Pulp on a drizzly Saturday afternoon for a glimpse into life on Jane Street.

H.BLOOM: How long have you lived in your apartment?
KULIK: We’ve almost been here four years.

H.Bloom Classic Collection

Has the space evolved in the 3.5 years?
When we moved in, it didn’t look anything like this at all. We did a big renovation a year and a half into it, and we actually gained some square footage. We knocked down and exposed brick, and we put in molding, sanded the floors and stained the floors, opened up doorways…

What is your favorite aspect of the space?
I love that it’s reflective of our travels. The space took a while to come together–three years, in fact. That said, the evolution’s been organic and true to how we live our lives. My favorite part of the apartment is how we’ve managed to fit art on every wall and corner possible.

H.Bloom Contemporary Collection

How does Pattern Pulp relate to your decorating style?
As you can imagine, I really dig pattern and specifically, mismatched textures. It creates volume and unexpected character when done well. Each room is filled with dots, stripes, etchings, photos, spray paint and unexpected furniture in a subdued way that vibrates–much like the mood boards I make for work.