Floral Art

Winter Solstice

In the winter, it seems as though there are only a few short hours of the day when the sun breaks through the clouds. Nightfall quickly arrives, and long evenings are best spent warm on the couch with the fireplace roaring. On long weekends inside, you start missing the scent of fresh flowers and the sight of blooming trees out your window. But there is a simple solution to bring nature into your home. With Pussy Willow branches and blooming Quince branches back in season, adding a couple of simple arrangements to your home decor will instantly bring life back during the winter chill. Before you know it, the snow will begin to melt and spring will be in bloom!

Ophelia Chong: Floral Collage in Slips of Paper


This week, as part of our “Painterly Aspect” inspiration, we’re highlighting artists we love that feature floral themes prominently in their work.

The first in this series is Ophelia Chong, an artist based in Los Angeles who creates stunning textural collages out of what she calls “slips of paper”. ¬†Using petal-shaped cut outs with a variety of harmonious colors, patterns and textures, she creates organically flowing collages, often centered around an appropriated focal image.


Das Rheingold

Notebook Collage