Making Arrangements

Making Arrangements with Jessa Blades

Jessa Blades is a natural make-up artist, herbalist and purveyor of organic beauty products. Given her botanical background and creative eye, we thought it would be fun to send Jessa one of our Arrange Your Own bouquets–curious to see how she would tackle the task.

Before getting started, Jessa clipped an assortment of fresh herbs from her garden to add into the mix. After all, where would an herbalist be without her tools of the trade?

Back inside, Jessa got to work. Rather than creating one large bouquet, she decided to make a series of delicate little arrangements–each perfectly suited to its particular vessel. The end result was a gorgeous array of bouquets that were then peppered throughout Jessa’s Brooklyn apartment. We certainly can’t think of a better way to spend a summer afternoon.

Making Arrangements with Dwell’s Kelsey Keith

Kelsey Keith is a senior editor at Dwell Magazine with an eye for design and a knack for arranging flowers. In fact, when her oldest childhood friend was getting married, the bride turned to Keith to create all of the bouquets.

Looking to discover some fresh, new ideas, we headed to the editor’s charming apartment in Brooklyn, armed with a large bunch of Arrange Your Own flowers. After some thought, Keith decided not to make one large bouquet but to fashion two smaller pieces with entirely different looks–one carefree and sophisticated, the other clean and zen-like.

For her first arrangement, Keith featured parrot tulips and acacia, cutting the flowers to various heights, placing them into a handmade stone vase, and adding lush accents with leaves and grasses.

For her second, more architecturally-inspired creation, Keith clustered groups of pink roses, peach hypericum, and bamboo in a small glass vase.

To our surprise, she trimmed the very tops of the roses, transforming the traditional flower into something slightly more avant garde.

If we’ve learned anything from this interior design guru, it’s that two bouquets are even better than one.